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International Snow Sculpting Championships 

2011 dates to be announced

Here's another two weeks devoted to something that Breckenridge does very well - having fun! The International Snow-Sculpting Championships in downtown Breckenridge adds a global flare to the town. Preparation for this event starts the summer before and involves many hours from dedicated people(see statistics below)
We suggest that you come watch the process, each day brings out more detail of each sculpture. Friday night you can expect to see the sculpture's 99% done, only the very fine details wait until just before the judging on Saturday. If you wait until Saturday or Sunday to come you can expect to share the viewing area with up to 12,000 per day!! Not to deter you, there is lots of room up here for more people than that - be forewarned that the traffic and parking can be very trying. We are a very friendly town and we love to share it with all visitors, so join us for this World Class event. Come enjoy the snow and all the activites the high country has to offer.

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See below for how it is done.

Prep work

· 250 Invitations
· Artist sketches
· Hours of judging and choosing teams
· 20 tons of snow per block
· 200 people to snow stomp
· 100's of volunteers
· 1 crane
· 4 slats - to create the concrete form
· unlimited amounts of imagination and creativity

Creating a Sculpture

Time: 65 hours intense hours
· 1 five-person team
· Saw
· Chisel
· Carrot scrapers
· Pick axes
· Sponsors
· 1 Spectacular Colorado Mountain Town
· 1 World class ski area
· NO colorants
· NO power tools
· 4 Judges
· Medals for teams
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